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Meet Our Designers

Dedicated to Design

You need world-beating designs to have world-beating products. Terminus Design Team can make this happen.
At Terminus, design is everything. We design to solve problem, communicate, express as well as awaken emotions. Our designs create anticipation, generate excitement, exude ingenuity, deliver comfort, durability, elegance and enchantment. Above all, originality! For continued inspiration, we also network with the industry’s young talents worldwide. Together, we continued challenging existing beliefs, redefine boundaries and create classics in the most artful ways possible.

For Dato' Liew Bin, design is about creating WOW! It’s about challenging conventional design concepts and thinking out of the box. It’s about creating bags that surpass customer expectations. Bags loaded with features and styles that customers don’t even know they can enjoy till they see a Terminus bag!

At the heart of his design philosophy is elegant simplicity; the ultimate sophistication for a chic range of bags for diverse activities. Its less but better; with each bag perfectly matched in purpose and style. A feat achieved through the innovation and creativity of a talented design team which he personally leads.

In fact, Dato' Liew Bin works closely with everyone from development to production. His passion and dedication can be seen in every Terminus bag, them epitome of urban style and glamour. These are bags that not only look good, they work beautifully too. Supremely designed and definitely WOW!


Ken Tan received his industrial design qualification from Malaysian Institute Of Art with his vast experiences in industrial design from home appliances product to industrial engineering design.

Pooling his talents as a chief designer in BAGMAN, he has created a unique range of stylish & sporty designs especially for outdoor activities.

In additional with his own signature collection, Ken Tan has collaborated with French designers for his future design and development to world class.

Giselle Lee graduated as Product Designer from Lim Kok Wing University College. She has worked with many materials such as fabric, steel, wood & acrylic.

Most of Giselle’s creations are design with their functional aspect in mind. Her ability and desire to over come design challenges has resulted in the creation of several commercial successes.

Giselle has been given many awards on her contribution. She won several awards in commercial design from the Malaysia Government and multi national corporation.
Her passion for bags and accessories pleasure her to create a more functional and durable bags for TERMINUS.




Wonder Ngo, graduated from Baruvi Academy of Communication Art, with his extensive experience in marketing and print design industry,

He has work closely with clients to create ideas, conceive creative designs and meet their requirement.

As a Senior Graphic Designer in Bagman, he constantly meet the high demand and expectation of his work. For him, Idea and Concept is the pursuit of Excellence.