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Fashion Nylon + 210D PU
12” (W) X 17.5” (H) X 7.5” (D)
±1000 grams

Mamamia is a specially designed convertible backpack-style postnatal bag for working and active mothers. It is a great storage and carrier for mothers who are in the lactation stage and need to manage both work and nursing commitment at the same time. The top compartment has a large area to put the breast pump accessories and mother’s personal valuables such as wallet. The breast pump machine and cooler box compartment at the bottom comes with easy-to-clean water repellent material that allows wiping away any spills effortlessly. This light weight backpack also comes with a laptop compartment that can fit up to 15” laptop. Mamamia is designed to be convertible to a gym bag after the mother has reached the post-lactation stage.

  • A trendy and fashionable backpack with multiple compartments designed specifically for working and active mothers to use after their pregnancy.

  • It is convertible into a gym bag that mother can utilize after they no longer breastfeed.

  • Made from textured, patterned and light weight fashion nylon fabric that doesn’t go out of style easily.

  • Front zippered compartment that opens up into a spacious compartment for putting the breast pump accessories and other essentials.

  • A mesh pocket large enough for putting parent’s important belongings such as purse, keys, and tissue wipes.

  • The bottom compartment is a large storage area for the breast pump machine and cooler bag, and it is lined with easy-to-clean water repellent material.

  • The front zippered section of the bottom compartment can be filled with tissue wipe pack for easy and quick access when needed.

  • Padded back compartment meant for putting the laptop and can fit the size of up to 15”.

  • The zipper is covered with a flap to prevent potential intruders from easily opening the bag from behind.

  • A wear-resistant material is layered at the bottom to prevent easy scratching and wetting of the surface.

  • Soft and padded shoulder strap layered with anti-slip neoprene that gives a comfortable carrying experience.

  • Additional stabilizing buckle that could be hooked together to give a more secured grip while carrying the bag on one shoulder.

  • Tough and easy to grip handle for hand carrying at ease.