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Share Your Ideas



Fashion savvy folks are going to love this one. Instead of waiting for us to come up with all these fantastic bag designs, why not come out with your own? You might have better ideas to help improve the options that we already have in this website. Submit your bag design ideas to us and if we like it, we will reward you!

Submission Guidelines:

1) Design entries should keep consumer experience, functionality, innovativeness and originality in mind and this must be reflected in the bag design entries.

2) The idea must be an original work of the Entrant. A Declaration of Originality of Design must be signed by the Entrant.

3) The Entrant must respect copyrights, patents, trademark laws and shall be accountable for breach of such laws. If use of any unlawful elements is found, the entry will be rejected.

Entry Submission Format:

1) Entrant is required to submit the soft copy of the design, perspective drawings and photos or other formats which can help us make a better decision via email. To safeguard the product’s copyright, you can first submit a copy of the design in JPEG format via our online submission form to In the event that we like the idea and it meets with our requirements, we will get in touch with you for further discussions.


1) If your design has been selected, our representatives will get in touch with you for further discussion about the design and the suitable reward. Depending on your preference, the reward will come in the form of either cash or in loyalty fee. The reward is decided on a case-to-case basis.

2) As the owner of the design, your “Designer Profile” will be attached to every single bag of that same design that we sell.